Global Requirements

Job Opening: 2 Million in 2019

Job Opportunities 6 Million by 2020

Growth Rate 36.5 % through 2022

Workforce Shortfall 1.5 Million by 2020

Our endeavor to make the future Cyber Security skill force starts with the students. Our student-centric teaching-learning process aims to impart the requisite skill set and instill fundamental knowledge of Cyber Security among the students. We provide training, webinars, seminars and career counseling sessions for students to fill the shortage of cyber professionals globally. Also, we are intended to design and develop skilling and up-skilling boot camps through our innovative methodologies which are oriented towards cybersecurity capacity building. Our motto is to train & inspire students in this technical field and make them industry-oriented and job ready.

Key Focus

Industry Readiness Boot Camp

Conduct regular track and fast track up-skilling boot camps to orient them towards Cyber Security domain. The employability-oriented courses of these boot camps focus on making the participant aligned with specific cybersecurity job roles and responsibilities.

Cybersecurity Training

Provide training to the students about current cybersecurity advancements and prepare training modules for every focus group of students as per their interest so that they can showcase their talent and skill well in the domain.

Webinars and Seminars

Provide seminars and webinars to the enthusiastic and keen learners who are interested in learning new methodologies and advancements across cybersecurity ecosystem to keep pace with the recent developments in the field.

Career Counseling

Provide career counseling to the fresh talents to bridge the gap between demand and supply in the cybersecurity field and help them in selecting the right and appropriate domain as per their skill set, interest, and talent. We also provide guidance and assist them throughout their employment journey to select the best-suited career for themselves.

Upcoming Opportunities

There is a massive shortage of Cyber Security professionals in the country, urging young graduates to look at this segment. This sector has emerged as succor from an employability perspective but explained that different skill sets and approaches are required for grabbing such jobs. However, it is estimated that there will be a global shortage of almost 3 million cybersecurity experts by 2019 as predicted by ISACA. The Key demand drivers include increasing IT spend, Internet of Things (IoT), digitizations and smartphone penetration leading to newer attack surfaces and ever-increasing number & sophistication of Cyber threats. Cyber Security sector is about $2.5-3 billion or about 2% of $150 billion Indian IT sector. With the sector on the track, it will reach to $350 billion by 2025 of which 10% of this value is expected to be of Cyber Security. Source – NASSCOM

Course Offerings

This course covers the dynamic security issues and their mitigation techniques to protect application availability, data confidentiality and integrity. Once this course is completed, you will have the skills to secure applications against any sort of threats and  vulnerabilities.

This course enables you to monitor, detect, analyze, defend and respond to cybersecurity incidents using a combination of technology solutions and a strong set of processes. Once this course is completed, you will have the skills to perform your SOC responsibilities effectively.

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