Global Requirements

Job Opening: 2 Million in 2019

Job Opportunities 6 Million by 2020

Growth Rate 36.5 % through 2022

Workforce Shortfall 1.5 Million by 2020

The digital economy is proliferating across the globe where authorities need to acquire & enhance the ‘new age’ skills to be competent. In addition, to combat the myriad threats in cyberspace, organizations are intended to hire, train and retain cybersecurity professionals with the skills needed to stay ahead of the hackers. With a view to providing assistance and support to the industry especially in the Cyber Security domain, we have created customized training & certification programmes for aspiring & practicing industry professionals.

Key Focus

Training and Certification

To keep a hold on diverging technology needs, we also provide customized training to ambitious and committed industry professionals so that they will be able to forestall the technical challenges in the field. To become competent with the ever-evolving digital era, Industry people need to acquire and enhance their skills. Henceforth, we provide customized certifications programmes that are revolving around various cybersecurity challenges and issues along with their remedies to fit in the existing technological landscape.

Career Enhancement Program

With a view to taking your career to the next level, this program is designed to help you take the right training, get the right hands-on experience and prove your ability through online assessment tools. Work with industry-leading mentors as they help you get started and guide you through the program.

Upcoming Opportunities

Evolving digital world has harnessed the need for Cyber Security to protect business operations across the globe. Moreover, the technology-driven innovation has also opened a new avenue for businesses entities to attain tremendous productivity and profitability. Various industries are also engaged in striking the right balance between regulation, privacy, digital and Cyber Security when designing and developing new services. In addition to the increasing cyber attacks that are driving the growth in Cyber Security, the overall industry outlook for Cyber Security from an investment perspective is also positive. A report from Business Insider Intelligence estimated that $655 billion will be spent on Cyber Security initiatives to protect PCs, mobile devices, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices by 2020, of which $386 billion will be spent on securing PCs, $172 billion on securing IoT devices, and $113 billion will be spent on securing mobile devices. In addition, worldwide Information Security spending to exceed $124 billion in 2019, Source – Gartner

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