Course Features

  • Duration : 3 Week Program
  • Language : English
  • Assessment

Course Description

CSA provides an exclusive and customized training program for faculties of technical institutes, colleges and universities to understand the latest trends in the Cyber Security domain and equip them with practical understanding and implementation.

This programme has been designed to train and develop the faculties with requisite skills to teach the new dimensions of cyber-security subject and produce individuals with specialised skill set. The USP of this programme is not only to train faculties to adopt distinguished skill set but also to propel as an ignite force behind academia to usher in Cyber Security courses. As a center of academic excellence, CSA ensures that subjects remain relevant and accurate, addressing critical concepts in the fast-evolving world of technology and cybercrime.

To make this program successful and industry oriented, CSA focuses on high grade quality, cost effective, personalised attention, stimulating research-oriented environment. In addition, the academy provides up-to-date faculty kit to bring about clarity of understanding of the concepts.


Trained and Assisted – Faculties inculcate industrial knowledge in the realm of Cyber Security thorough effective teaching learning process. The knowledge empowers the faculties to educate students in such a manner to bridge current skill gap.

Qualified and Orientated – Academia owns certified and specialized faculties suit to teach industrial knowledge in academic ecosystem. It also helps to build a future skill force in the cyber security domain.

Flexible and Complimentary – This program is designed to maintain high grade quality, flexibility and fulfils the requirements in cyber security industry. The programme does not necessitate extra compensation for complimentary solutions.

Aligning and Understanding – Faculties are aligned and motivated to focus on giving real-life and industrial examples while teaching. This helps students to grasp security concepts and understand the dynamic nature of the industry.

Value-Rich and Cost-Effective – Faculties are trained by expert industry professionals who have vast industrial exposure. They present the pedagogies & workshops in the campus thereby making it value rich, convenient & cost effective.


  • M1 – Introduction to Application Security
  • M2 – Application Architecture
  • M3 – Security Development Lifecycle
  • M4 – Web Application Vulnerabilities
  • M5 – Understanding vulnerabilities practical hands-on using insecure web applications
  • M6 – Threat Modelling – Application Security Controls
  • M7 – Secure Coding Testing
  • M8 – Latest trends and security threats
  • M9 – OWASP Vulnerabilities
  • M10 – Continuous security testing and assessments
  • M1 – SOC Organisation Structure and Functions
  • M2 – Introduction to Advanced SOC – Features and capabilities
  • M3 – Introduction to Advance SOC Services
  • M4 – Prominence of Security Operations Center
  • M5 – Trends Driving Security Operations Centers
  • M6 – Building a SOC: A Challenge and an Opportunity
  • M7 – Developing effective Security Operations Strategy
  • M8 – Transforming Security Operations Centers: From SOC to SIC
  • M9 – SOC Emerging roles and responsibilities
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