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Cyber Security Academy

Course Features

  • Duration :
    Fast Track
    3 Months | 5 Days | 8 Hours (per day)
    Regular Track
    6 Months | 5 Days | 4 Hours (per day)
  • Language : English
  • Certificate : NSDC, SSC NASSCOM and CSA
  • Assessment

Course Description

Application Security is a training and certification program offered by the Cyber Security Academy. This course sets the foundation for understanding application security throughout the development process. It also provides a comprehensive study about secure software concepts for web application security, security standards, secure development methodologies, and security best practices. In addition, this course also focuses on the root cause of software vulnerabilities, how attackers view your applications, and effective integration of security into your development and organisations. The program has been developed by extensive research and inputs from industry stalwarts and is further communicated to trainees by experienced trainers.

Our teaching pedagogy includes theory, practical, case studies, etc to keep the learning experiential and collaborative.


  • M1- Fundamental Concepts of Networking
  • M2 Cyber Security Policies, Procedures, Standards and Guidelines
  • M3 -Fundamentals of Application Security
  • M4 – Identification of Vulnerabilities
  • M5 – Application Vulnerabilities
  • M6 – Introduction to Vulnerability Assessment & Analysis
  • M7 – Fundamental Concepts: Web Server and Application Server
  • M8 – Application Hardening
  • M9 – Configuration Management
  • M10 – Web Application Secure Configuration
  • M11 – Introduction to Patch Management
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