Global Requirements

Job Opening: 2 Million in 2019

Job Opportunities 6 Million by 2020

Growth Rate 36.5 % through 2022

Workforce Shortfall 1.5 Million by 2020

With the unparalleled growth of institutions in the past two decades across the nation, there is a significant shortage of updated & well-trained faculties who can help in capacity building. On the other hand, this poses a great challenge to the quality of education provided to the young and budding engineering students. To determine the magnitude of the problem, we have been meticulously engaged in developing faculty development programmes for universities and colleges. And, our dynamic and qualified instructors are devoted for the sake of capacity building in the cyber world.

Key Focus


With the increasing demand for cybersecurity professionals, there is a dearth of cyber professionals in the ecosystem. Our expert and experienced trainers provide customized training to various professional in an organization or academy with our train the trainer module.

Industry Connects Programmes

To equip students with requisite competence and skills that make them capable to excel in the field of cybersecurity. This program also aims at bridging the ever-widening demand vs. supply gap of skilled workforce in the area of Cyber Security and deliver real skills & real value to students & corporates in a synergized manner.

Courseware and Hands-on Lab

Design and develop employability-oriented courseware comprises of basics concepts, hands-on lab, case studies, assessments for different schools, colleges and universities. The objective of the courseware is to induct the participants in real time environment of the industry and provide adequate working knowledge & skill.

Upcoming Opportunities

The faculty form the most valuable resource of the technical education system. With the advancement of sophisticated technology, it has become imperative for technical teachers to develop an aptitude for life-long learning in their respective fields through faculty development programmes. Moreover, India is one of the countries that have the highest number of educational institutions in the world and, consequently, the highest number of teachers and faculty members. The unprecedented growth of institutions in India in the past two decades has led to a shortage of updated and well-trained faculty members and has created a quality challenge for education. Cybersecurity in India has gained considerable momentum in the past few years. However, securing ourselves in space is not the responsibility of a single participant but one that involves all citizens, academia, enterprises, civil societies, and the government.

Course Offerings

This course offers an exclusive and customized program for faculties not only learn industry-specific skills but also apply their learning on the students whom they teach. This course covers adoption of specialized skill set, methodical coaching & facilitation, industrial knowhow, cutting edge technology, and emerging trends in the field of Cyber Security.

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